Kystar P2S

Liên Hệ

  • 1.6GHZ quad-core CPU Powerful heart, plays high definition video free of pressure
  • Dual-port output, 1.3milion loading, large screen and large control
  • Self-equipped 8G memory (5G available), U disk extensible
  • Self-equipped Wifi hot spot, support wireless control and management of smart terminals sush as mobie phone, compute, etc
  • The embedded operating system is adopted, avoiding virus interference
  • Industrial-level components, guarantee 7x24h stable operation of the device
  • Multi-level safety configuration, makes the system safe with more guarantee
  • Brand new kommander PE program edit, drag and play, easy operation
  • Support U disk plug and play & copy anf play
  • Support multi-window play, you can set window position and size freely, while support window overlapping
  • Realize synchronous playing of multipe materials such as picture, video and text etc
  • Fully comatible with regular control system program management and display screen configuration
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